Watch, out! The Swiss luxury replica Cartiers that might cost a career

What would you think if the boss handed out a stack of best fake Cartier watches online to reward you for your efforts this year? We’d say that sounds like a pretty great place to work. (And, yes, this story is a thinly veiled hint to T+T boss, Andrew, as he plans this year’s Christmas bonuses) ((Dream on, guys – Andrew)).

Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has admitted she spent $12,000 on Swiss movement replica Cartier watches to thank four executives for closing a deal with Australia’s big banks. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was “shocked” by the largesse — “I was appalled, it’s disgraceful and it’s not on,” he said in parliament. He ordered Holgate to stand aside, pending an investigation.

Holgate clearly likes her wristwear. At the Senate grilling, she was sporting a Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas, which retails for up to $48,300 in Australia. Sandra Lane wrote about the Serpenti here, while Andrew McUtchen called the Serpenti Tubogas “point blank one of the most elegant feminine statements in watchmaking … it can’t help but be a conversation starter.”
The Cartier controversy has certainly ignited a conversation in Australia, splitting readers at news sites.

A commenter on a recent post about this story, “Mr Natural”, praised Holgate, saying: “Pretty shrewd shopping. I didn’t know you could get a Cartier replica watch for $3000. Well done, girl.”

Indeed, Holgate was unable to reveal what type of Cartier watches were given to the two men and two women. A black leather strap copy Cartier Tank Solo (small model, quartz movement, steel on leather band) can be found for an Aussie RRP of $3750.
While a Ronde Solo de Cartier (29mm, quartz moment, steel on leather) can be found for around $3900.

Buying four of these pieces would obviously blow the $12,000 budget — though we do need to factor in the free shipping.

The delightfully named Mista Bob Dobalina commented: “Who would have thought that Gordon Gekko would leave Wall Street for Australia Post?”

The final word goes to one reader, who is clearly no fan of Australia Post. “I thought I would post a comment,” she remarked, “but it’d take weeks to be delivered.”

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